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"EVENT MARKETING is on the rise. WHY?
because it simply works"

What Is Event Marketing?

In contrast to traditional advertising methods, which blasts millions of consumers with the same general television, radio or billboard message, event marketing targets specific individuals or groups at gathering spots, in hopes of making quality individual impressions.

A successful event marketing campaign provides value to attendees beyond information about a product or service.

A discount, free sample, charity alignment, or fun event will make customers feel like they are receiving a benefit and not just attending a live-action commercial.

It’s all about building relationships with your clients, or customers.

A well-organized company event can help you:

Make more money.
Cultivate loyal customers.
Create a great atmosphere.
Understand your audience better.
Educate your staff.
Beat the competition.

Divinity can help your company achieve its business goals.

Discover the benefits of each type of event.


Business Dinners

One of the most traditional business events, business dinners can be held for a range of reasons, from celebrating milestones to simply getting together with employees and clients. If you have a new product or service you’re about to release, it makes sense to organize a company event around that to educate your staff and clients on the new features. Our corporate event DJ’s can help coordinate activities, and play music to help the celebration.
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Golf Tournaments

An annual golf tournament is a good way to increase customer loyalty, reward employees, and acquire new customers. You could use your golf event to raise money for a charity of your choice. You can sell sponsorship’s, ad space, VIP tickets, hold a silent auction, and sell merchandise. This shows you are a company that cares. Our corporate event DJ’s are trained to make announcements and encourage guests to get involved resulting in higher sales.
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Grand Openings

Did you just renovate your store, or are you planning to open soon? Having a grand opening event brings gets the word out faster and creates a buzz around your new venture. Our corporate event e’s can advertise your grand opening before and during the event to help with your own marketing efforts. We can also create a fun filled atmosphere that brings new people to your store.
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Sales or Tradeshow

You are having a BIG sale in your mall location or you are presenting at a trade show. Problem is so is everyone else. Why not differentiate yourself by having a DJ play music in your store or booth. Results prove you can expect a sales increase by 30% on average. Our corporate event DJ’s are specially trained to drive traffic to your store or booth.
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Networking Events

These events are ideal for making new contacts, leading to new clients, partners, and vendors. One of the keys to success in business is to know your customers. The more knowledge you have about them, the easier it’ll be for you to grab their attention. Networking events are a great way to collect personal details that you may otherwise not have been able to get with a simple customer satisfaction survey.
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Product Launches

Create a buzz around the release of your new product by holding a launch party. It’s a good way to get customers excited and to generate media coverage. Our corporate event DJ’s can advertise before and during your event to get the word out.
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Award Ceremonies

Boost employee morale by hosting an event to honor them with service awards for all of the things they’ve done for your company. We have corporate event DJ’s to play in between each award, and with our conference packages we can do live video feed to guests in other cities who couldn’t make it.
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Holiday Parties

The holidays present the perfect opportunity to throw a great party where you can invite clients, prospects, media members, and employees. What makes your company a special place to work at isn’t determined by the products you sell or the service you offer. It’s determined by the company culture that you create. Our corporate event DJ’s can create fun with interactive games and play songs targeted specifically to your employees.
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Staff & Family

Why not show your staff how much you appreciate them by hosting a barbecue for staff and family? Family barbecues increase employee morale. Activities and games facilitate team building. Our corporate event DJ’s can help with announcing activities to keep everyone coordinated.
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Customer Appreciation

Customer retention should always be a focus for your business. Show your customers how much you appreciate them by hosting an event just for them. Invite your customers to bring guests and turn those guests in to new customers.
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