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Are you looking for a great Edmonton DJ?

Are you looking for a wedding DJ in Edmonton?
Are you looking for Edmonton DJ reviews?
Maybe you need a corporate event DJ in Edmonton?

We got you covered!

We have Edmonton-based DJ services for all types of events. Our DJs prices match all types of budgets and you can have both DJ and Photo Booth packages too.




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Events every year

Why hire Divinity DJs for your Edmonton DJ services?


We can bring energy and excitement by playing the top songs from the charts.

Not just the Edmonton DJ charts but also the top downloaded songs, the top streamed music, and also the top songs from different genres.

Are you a fan of EDM?

Maybe you like Country?

We can play it all.

Our DJ's are MC's. This means we can be interactive with your guests too.

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Playing music is easy, but entertainment is what you want!

You want your DJ to get your crowd up and interacting with each other. You want them to have fun doing activities together.

What types of activities do you ask?

How about singing together? Maybe doing a line dance together. If they want to get wild then let’s do a dance battle!

We have many different activities we can do to bring the fun.

Our Edmonton DJ’s are specially trained to interact with guests. We will entertain you and play music too.

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Our focus is to bring your guests together.

How do we do that?

If you want your guests to have a good time then you play music, simple right?

But if you want your guests to have a deeper experience then you need to get your guests to do emotional things together.

They have to laugh together; they have to cry together (tears of joy)!

It is only when people can do things emotionally together will they build bonds that can last a lifetime.

Our Edmonton DJ’s are experts in bringing guests together. We know how to bring out the laughter. We are comedians and we can host games. We are not the cheesy or obnoxious type who thinks this is about us.

We allow you and your guests to come up and be a part of the show.

For example, suppose you have a song you want to request.  Good.

How about you mix the song in yourself. Get your cameras ready!

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Here is the truth.

80% of all DJs are doing the same thing. Mostly just playing music. 

15% are good DJs. They will play music and by speaking on the microphone they can entertain.

5% is amazing!

What are the Top 5% Edmonton DJ’s doing that’s different?

The top 5% know how to read a crowd and apply psychology to enhance their events. They know how to bring people together, bring out the love in the room, and leave guests wanting more.
This is what makes us good at what we do.

If you haven’t been to one of our events in Edmonton then get ready for an experience you never felt before.

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Our Edmonton DJ Reviews

We guarantee you and your guests will love our services. We have outstanding reviews and can provide references.
Quotes from some of our clients include:

“The best Edmonton DJ services”
“Highly recommend Divinity DJ’s for weddings and corporate events!”
“Awesome School Dances!”
“Best DJ’s Ever!”
“The Top DJ services in Edmonton”
“These Edmonton DJ’s Rock!”

"Divinity DJ’s is definitely the BEST DJ service in Edmonton that we have encountered. We hired this company for our wedding reception. They were amazing to work with, made everything super easy and convenient for us so that we didn't have to worry. I HIGHLY recommend Divinity for all events in Edmonton. Thank you to Sam for making everything go so smoothly!"

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Monique M
Monique M

"Our experience with Divinity was great! I am a very thorough person and as a bride it was heightened. Sam was very organized and very honest with us. The DJ assigned to our day was fantastic! I would definitely recommend this company!"

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Jenn Poholka
jenn poholka

If there is any DJ company you should book it would be these guys! We booked with Sam, setting up everything, going through the fine details, and then for the night we had Jeremy as our DJ, who was just as wonderful to work with. They did a custom mix for me that went over flawlessly and the photo booth had all our guests entertained for the night.

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Caitlin Brook
Caitlin Brook

Dealing with Sam has been amazing! He made all our DJ dreams come true and really helped us capture our special day!! Would 100% recommend Divinity to anyone who is ready to party!

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Nick Zelke
Nick Zelke

What makes our Edmonton DJ’s different?


Our Custom designed packages will make your event more unique.


Our Award-Winning Edmonton DJ’s are also music producers which means you get better music at your event.


We created our own set of tools to make planning stress-free for people on the go.


We have many ways you can personalize your event to showcase your style and character.

Divinity DJs bring you the ultimate Edmonton DJ experience.

Imagine how you will feel after Divinity DJs helped to make your planning completely stress-free. Your guests will be thanking you for inviting them to an experience that brought so many great memories. You will laugh out loud sharing stories the day after your event is over. You will be proud to share your photos with your friends and family.

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