Frequently Asked Questions

Divinity DJ’s Edmonton

How long have you been in business?

Since 2011

Are you on the Approved School Vendors List?


You’re playing to a mixed ethnicity crowd. What music do you have?

We have different DJ’s from around the world.  We can play African, Indian, Latin, and more.

Is SOCAN fees included in the price?

No.  SOCAN is a Canadian government organization that collects fees to distribute to Canadian artists and composers.  It is collected by the venue you booked.  The fee amount is determined by the size of your event.

Are there any hidden fees or extra costs?

No all charges are clearly discussed and written down for you.  There are no additional costs.

Will your equipment allow you to mix one song into another so that there are no breaks in between songs?

Yes we do not use ipods.

May we ask you to play some games that we will request?

Yes, we can give you a few suggestions.

Do you have any “surprise” games that you don’t share with the bride and groom?

No we will discuss and ask permission before we engage in any activities.

What games/events do you like to play?

Games and other features will be discussed during the initial consultation.  Our level of interaction will be tailored to your event and comfort level.

What equipment (tables, chairs, extension cords, etc.) will you need from us to help with your setup?

One need 1 table within 25 feet of a power outlet.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel within 30 days for a full refund of your deposit.  After 30 days there is no refunds.

You are able to cancel your event (in writing) up to 2 weeks before your event.

If you are within 2 weeks of your event we require final payment if cancelled.  Because within this time frame we have lost the ability to take another event.

When we contact you (email, call, text, etc.) when can we expect you to get back to us?

Usually within an hour during regular business hours.

Do you belong to any professional associations (local Chamber of Commerce, etc.)?

Yes we are members of the Professional DJ Association.  We have a AVLA License.  We operate with a business license.  We have a A+ rating with the better business bureau.  We also have won many awards in the past few years including couples choice awards, Top 3 DJ company, Award for Business Excellence, Edmonton Event Awards, etc.

Do you set up a sign or banner with your equipment?

Yes we use a branded table skirt to hide our wires.

Do you have a “light show”?


Do you have a wireless microphone?


Do you bring backup equipment with you to the wedding?

Yes, and we have a quality control rep on call ready to replace any malfunctioning equipment.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Our equipment is all up to date professional grade.

What is your policy on alcohol during the event?

Our DJ’s are not permitted to drink during events.

Do you take any breaks?


Are you insured? If so, do you carry liability insurance? Please list who you are insured

Yes we have $2 million commercial liability insurance with Everest Insurance Company of Canada.

Do you require a meal?

Yes, we do not take breaks.  Working 10 hours with no breaks is too difficult.  Our DJ’s will sit at our DJ booth.

What do you require from us, if anything?

Details will be discussed in the initial consultation.

How much would you charge for overtime?

Overtime will vary based on the type of event, see your booking agreement for rates.

What is included in the cost of our event?

Email us for a quote. You will be provided a list of equipment and details.

How much of a deposit is required to secure our date?

50%, the rest is due on event date.

What will you wear when you set up and break down your equipment?

Protective clothing.

What will you wear to our reception?

Depends on the theme of the event.  All our DJ’s are professionals and will dress appropriately.

When do you arrive to set up for our reception?

Usually 1 hour before guests arrive.

May we submit a “Do Not Play” list?


Would you take requests from our guests?


When do we need to submit our music requests and event details?

2 weeks prior

How involved can we be in selecting music for our event?

Very involved.  We will provide you with an online tool to select your favorite songs before the event.  You can also request at the event.

How do you keep your music collection up-to-date?

We use several legal sources and update music daily.

Can you provide us with references?

Yes many

May we visit you at a performance?

Depends on the event, most events are private. We do not conduct business at private events out of respect to our client.

What if something happens to you and you can’t make it to the wedding?

We have backup DJ’s, backup equipment, and quality control team behind each event to ensure success.

What do you do to motivate the crowd if nobody is dancing?

We created a successful Dance Floor Dynamics process (make an appointment to hear more)

How would you define your “style” when making announcements?

Energetic, Fun

Do you act as the “emcee” and make all of the announcements?

Yes we can make all general announcements, the only reason you need a MC is because they know you or your organization personally so they can share stories.

What makes you different from your competitors?

We have elite DJ’s with a variety of skills, and decades of experience.   Our DJ’s are well known in the community.  We are the only company that produces our own music with our sister company Global Party Starters.  We have a exclusive in-house training program.

Do you perform for more than one event in a day?

Yes we operate in several cities with various number of event per night.

What types of events do you do?

Weddings, all types of corporate events, school dances, graduations, birthday parties, anniversaries, conferences, grand openings, club shows, festivals, sporting events, and more.

How many events do you do each year?

Our company does over 400 events a year.

Do your DJs work exclusively for this company? If not, who else do they work for?

Most of our DJ’s are exclusive, unless they are high profile DJ’s working for radio stations or professional sports teams.  We train all our DJ’s with our specialized in-house training program.  Each DJ also upgrades there skills and talent on a regular basis.

How long will you hold our date for us?

We operate on a first come first served basis, to keep it fair for all our clients.  Your date will be held unless challenged by another client wanting the same date.

Will we talk in person before the wedding?

We will communicate several times by emails and telephone.  In person meetings can happen for specialized situations.

May we meet with you in person before we sign a contract?


Who will be our DJ?

We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire for us, it will give us an idea of the best DJ to send to your event based on your profile.

Do you offer a professionally written contract?