Booking Terms and Conditions

The following info sets forth the terms, conditions, and stipulations whereby the following parties have committed to a booking engagement: Divinity DJs and/or representatives herein referred to as Artist. Client herein after referred to as Client:

Performance & Billing:

The artist agrees to play recorded materials within a time limit specified in this agreement. If the artist is requested and/or forced to extend the time limit of his performance, an overtime fee will be billed at $300/hour. The Client is to be billed if not paying by credit card in the following manner: Check-payable to: DIVINITY PRODUCTIONS. Please note that a convenience charge of (2,9% + $0.30) will be billed on the final payment if Client pays by credit card. Only one promotion, discount, or credit can be used per agreement, client cannot combine 2 or more. Promotions, discount, or credit cannot be presented/applied to booking agreement after the date the booking agreement is signed. Overtime charges to be billed separately on a later date.

Payment Terms:

Client shall pay the artist the amount outlines as “Artist’s Fee” in exchange for the hour(s) of services as determined by this contract. A deposit in the amount outlined, as “Deposit” must be paid to the Artist upon signing the contract. The remaining balance must be paid, in cash, cheque or credit card (visa or mastercard), immediately upon Artist’s arrival at the event and before the Artist performs. If the event date is within 14 days full payment must be made and deposit is not required.

Deposits and Confirmation:

Artist is not confirmed for the event until the signed agreement and the outlined deposit has been received. Client must return this signed agreement with Deposit via email or fax to the agent no later than ten (10) days prior to the event. Artist must receive the full payment prior to the event. No deposit but Full payment is required is event date is within 14 days of signing this contract.


A cancellation will be accepted within 30 days of signing this contract. Deposit is forfeited after this time. A cancellation will Not be accepted if within fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the event. This includes any revisions to Package Add On's. If the event is cancelled within this window of time, the Client is required to pay the Artist the any balances due. Once the Artist arrives at the venue, and is paid the remaining balance due, then by the terms agreed upon in this contract, the Artist will perform services at the event. Artist will not be held responsible for the inability to perform for the following reasons: Police or Government Official closing down location of event, Location/Client losing license, Facility improperly equipped (i.e. no electricity), Incorrect directions, incorrect address or weather emergencies causing inability to attend event, Fire, War, or Act of God, If the Artist must cancel for any other reason than those mentioned above, then the Artist shall refund 100% of the deposit.

Travel & Accommodations:

If the event is located outside of the Greater Edmonton Area, the Client shall provide and pay for the Artist’s air transportation costs on a direct flight, preferably with Westjet. Client shall also provide Artist with a pre-paid hotel with a guaranteed late checkout time for the duration of the Artist’s stay. Confirmation of reservation and prepayment must be faxed or emailed to the Artist. Client is responsible for all ground transportation to and from the airport, hotel, and event.

Hospitality & Security:

Client shall recognize Artist’s requests as to guest list and non-alcoholic beverages and no less than two (2) bottles of water for the duration of the Artist’s performance. Client shall provide adequate security and crowd control measures during the Artist’s performance. Client agrees to provide and secure a restricted area for the Artist and their personal possessions, before, during, and after their performances. Artist shall be provided with meals if present for 6 hours or more. If Artist is treated in a inhospitable manner by guests which includes verbal profanity/verbal abuse and or physical abuse the Artist reserves the right to cancel services at any time during the performance as determined by the Artist for safety and security reasons. Artist will provide equipment stated below in good working condition however if equipment is damaged, stolen or ceases to function at the event by any guests or Client then Client shall be responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement of damaged equipment within 1 week of event date stated in this contract. Artist will replace items and bill the expense to Client as an additional charge.

Equipment Requirements:

Artist will provide the following equipment in good working for DJ services:

****Please Note: No other persons or vendors can plug into any of artists equipment under any circumstances at any time during the event this includes but is not limited to audio, projection, or lighting and/or tripods and T-Bars**** Reproduction of Performances:

Client acknowledges that the Artist is fully independent and completely in control of the design and content of the Artist’s performance. Client cannot reproduce the Artist’s performance by the use of any equipment without a written permission from the Artist. Any recordings of the Artist’s performance shall be discussed with the Artist prior to the start of the “Recording”. Any sale of the recorded performance after the event must be discussed with the Artist before initial sales take place. Videographers and Photographers working at the event are acceptable as their footage will be used for private use. Artist reserves the right to use pictures, or video from Clients event for promotional and or marketing purposes.


Client will acknowledge no marketing of any form will start until after confirmation of Artist is accepted in writing and deposit is received. All Marketing and related materials must be approved by Artist. Artist will receive top billing for event. Artist will be referred to as "Divinity DJs" on any marketing and related materials unless other arrangements have been mutually agreed upon by both parties. If any merchandise is produced for sale at the event Artist is to receive 10% royalties from all merchandise sales. All merchandise marketing must be approved by Artist prior to manufacturing.


Artist is not liable for accidents during the event resulting in death or personal injury arising out of such negligence by venue or by guests who have become impaired due to over consumption of alcohol. It is understood that Client or venue will control the level and limit consumption as deemed appropriate. Artist is not liable for music delays or projection delays during event time due to a lack of coordination or communication between various people involved with the production. It is understood by Client that technical delays may happen. Artist will take responsibility in the unlikely event of equipment malfunctions during proper use. (for example: If the projector lamp burns out during the slideshow/DVD presentation causing an inability to play media, and we could not provide backup equipment). Client has a period of 5 days after the event date to seek any monetary refunds due to any lack of performance of any kind. Artist will not be held accountable for any disputes if contact is made beyond the 5 days grace period. Contact must be made directly by either email or telephone no contact by a third party is accepted. If it is deemed by Artist upon resolution that a full monetary refund is appropriate than the full amount less $200 for administration and service fees will be refunded.

Final Terms:

Artist’s fee and terms are negotiated and deemed confidential for this event. Violation of confidentiality will result in termination of further business between the Client and the Artist. Terms may not be changed unless both parties endorse any and all changes. This agreement shall be governed under the laws of the Province of Alberta and shall not be construed to create or constitute a partnership between the two parties, and the Artist shall not be further liable for any obligations incurred by the Client in carrying out any of the provisions hereof. In Witness Thereof, the Parties Enter In to This Contract as to The Above Stated Terms. By signing I acknowledge I have read and fully understand the terms of this agreement.

Contacting us

If you would like to contact us to understand more about this Agreement or wish to contact us concerning any matter relating to it, you may send an email to Info@CanadasTopDJs.com

This document was last updated on April 5, 2020
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