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Tips About What To Look For In A Wedding DJ That You Can’t Afford To Miss!

Have you ever been to a wedding reception where the DJ does not seem to have a clue about what he is doing? One of the bride or groom’s friends has some equipment and will be the DJ as a favor. Just buy him a drink or two. The poor guy has a minimal collection of music tracks, and they are mostly from his favorite music genre. He tries his best, but he has no plan and not the slightest bit of personality. He seems to think it’s as easy as him just standing there and play random pieces of music, and that will fill the floor; nothing more is required. Meanwhile, the wedding party stands around looking bored and chatting, totally ignoring the dance floor, which remains embarrassingly empty. People discreetly look at their watches, wondering how soon they could depart without offending the happy couple.

Thankfully, it does not have to be like that. In this article, I will give you some tips on turning the evening into one of the best parties you have ever attended, and a suitable finale for the happiest day of your life.

Weddings are vastly different from other bookings for a DJ. In most places, a DJ will work, the age group is much the same, and the DJ will know what type of music a venue normally plays., There will be a wide cross-section of family and friends at a wedding, and the wedding DJ has to find common ground to keep them all happy.

Great Wedding DJs Know:

  • 85% of guests need to know the song
  • Songs work best when they cut across generations
  • The genre should change with nearly every song
  • The greater good is most important (Except the bride trumps all)
  • Checks with the bride about inviting other dancers during the end of the first dance
  • Starts the party with a slow dance after the formal dances
  • Slows songs reset the dance floor if its emptying
  • Older folks warm Up easiest but tire the fastest
  • A good Wedding DJ knows the moms favorite track
  • Watches the people who are not dancing. If it is one demographic then play tio them
  • Lighting is crucial, lower lighting even more so.
  • Requests can kill the mood

Finding that great Wedding DJ

Does the venue have a preferred DJ?

Check with the venue and ask if they have a recommended DJ. A DJ who knows the venue will probably have worked weddings there before and know the acoustics and any particular problems the venue might have. You don’t have to go with that suggestion but at least interview him.

A Professional DJ

The professionalism of a DJ is apparent long before the day of the wedding. First off, Does the DJ have a website? A website will tell a great deal about the DJ. In addition to the DJ’s location and his/her rates, a website should contain testimonials from previous satisfied clients. What do past satisfied customers have to say about his performance? Take a look at the photographs on the website. You should be looking for signs that the DJ builds a relationship with the crowd and is responsive to events.. Ask the DJ some questions on the phone and see how professional they are in giving you the requested information. How professional do they feel? If they seem to emphasize how cool they are instead of how businesslike they are, then walk away.

Check Out Wedding Forums in your area.

Photographers, Videographers, florists, and caterers will all have worked with local DJs in the past. Do they have recommendations based on what they have witnessed? Local Facebook pages may have invaluable information about DJs. A great tip is to research the DJ’s name on YouTube and see if any videos come up of him/her performing.

Interview Your Shortlist of Possible DJs

If a DJ can’t find time to meet up with you, then personally, I would reject them, as they are clearly not professional and or interested in learning more about the gig. Interviewing the DJ is an ideal opportunity to check out their personality. If you get on well with them, then probably so will your guests. the stage personality is as important as the music in making a DJ successful.

Do They Ask the Right Questions?

An experienced and professional DJ will want to know about your expectations. Asking these questions or supplying the answers on a website will tell you that the DJ knows what he is doing.

  • What gear is the venue providing?
  • Do you need a radio mic for the wedding party to use?
  • Do you have an itinerary or schedule?
  • What time should I arrive?
  • What time should I start playing?
  • Is there anything special I should know, like cultural sensitivities?
  • What are the customer’s expectations? Do you want the DJ to act as Master of Ceremonies as well?
  • Can the DJ provide references?

What Equipment do they have?

You want to know that they have professional equipment as this indicates how seriously they take their work. Do they have extras, like smoke machines, bubble machines, lighting, uplighters? If so, what additional costs will be made for that equipment if you choose to hire it? Do they have new equipment, and is it professional or domestic equipment?

What Music Library Do They Have?

A good DJ will play a lot of different types of songs. What music do they have? Is it a wide enough selection to deal with a crowd of various age groups? Some DJs will ask if you have suggestions about favorite tracks and preferences. Does the DJ understand the importance of the first dance? Do they have music for slow dancing and thumping high energy music.

Final thoughts

A great DJ will understand the secret of how to make grandma dance like a teenager, and teenagers dance like grandma.. It is a unique skill and one of many that wedding DJs require. If I were asked for the three most important qualities of a Wedding DJ, my first choice would be personality, then number two and three would also be personality.

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